ContiRoadAttack 3 Sport Touring Radial Tire — Front


Tire – Road Attack 3 – 120/70ZR17 – 58W

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Tire – Road Attack 3 – 120/70ZR17 – 58W
Multi-Grip Technology – a single compound is used that through a temperature-controlled curing process delivers the benefits of a multi-compound tire without the abrupt transition between the different compounds that other multi-compound tires are known for; Center Tread Area, wear resistant = Mileage; Shoulder Tread Area = Increased grip from center to shoulder; Continuous Transition from Center to Shoulder = Smooth and predictable performance
Traction Skin, the revolutionary micro-toughness of the tread, optimizes the mechanical adhesion and offers the fastest break-in period in the market
Consistent, performance-oriented pattern designed for better drainage in wet conditions; more improved wet grip due to an optimized compound
All-around tire with maximum handling abilities for long rides or winding roads
Tubeless (TL)


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