Universal Turn Signal Isolator


Turn Signal Isolator

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Turn Signal Isolator
Electronically isolates all turn signal outputs from the vehicle allowing for the use of almost any aftermarket turn signal
The additional turn signal load is placed entirely on an auxiliary power source and does not affect current draw on the motorcycle’s turn signal circuit
There are no relays or other mechanical devices that are subject to mechanical failure
The TSI is a hardwire installation on any motorcycle and is recommended for use any aftermarket turn signal such as Custom Dynamics® Plasma Rods™ or LED License Plate Frames including LED or incandescent bulb products
Use Posi-Tap™ and Posi-Lock® connectors (sold separately) for a hassle free installation.
Custom Dynamics® recommends the installation of an in-line fuse when power is being accessed from the positive battery terminal
Alternatively, use Custom Dynamics® Dynamic Load Isolator (DLI) for a completely plug and play solution to isolate all outputs from the vehicle


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