Dynamic Load Isolator Module


Load Isolator Module

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Load Isolator Module
Allows you to connect aftermarket electrical and lighting accessories with total confidence
Completely isolates the accessories from the vehicle’s main wire-harness without adding any additional load to the system
A must-have on newer BCM/VCM/CAN bikes that have very sensitive electrical systems that do not allow the addition of electrical or lighting accessories
Has an built in integrator function which combines brake and turn onto one wire, giving turn priority over brake which is very useful for adding Run-Brake-Turn function to a 3 wire LED (low-high-ground)
There is also a built in trailer out which can be connected to an optional 4 pin trailer harness (sold separately) given you complete and total confidence of a 100% isolated trailer connector from the vehicle
Total Isolation of all lighting and electrical accessories from vehicle
Left Turn, Right Turn, Brake, Battery, Accessory Power Inputs
Isolated Outputs: Left Turn, Right Turn, Brake, Run/Accessory
Isolated Integrated Output: Turn/Brake Output
Plug and Play (except for universal version)
45 Amp Max Total Capacity


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