7″ TruBEAM® Headlamp


7″ TruBEAM® Headlamp – Chrome – Chieftain

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7″ TruBEAM® Headlamp – Chrome – Chieftain
Premium 7″ Round LED headlamp designed for custom installation on models with factory 7″ headlight
Complex reflector design features three low beam LEDs and two high beam LEDs with a combination of projector and reflector type LEDs and built in halo ring
LED combination provides superior low and high beam outputs
Durable polycarbonate lens with H4 connector and mounting hardware included; no additional trim ring needed
4210 raw lumens/2947 effective lumens; 5800K color temp
1.1 amp low current draw, 1.5 amp high current draw, 0.2 amp halo ring current draw


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