Formula 4 Leather, Vinyl And Rubber Conditioner


Formula 4 Leather Vinyl – 32 U.S. fl oz.

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Formula 4 Leather Vinyl – 32 U.S. fl oz.
Cycle Care Formula 4 is a unique, pleasantly scented formulation of premium quality polymers designed to restore the luster and softness to vinyl, leather and rubber surfaces
Protects against ultraviolet rays and cracking, repels water and prolongs the life and like-new appearance of the materials
Applied to rubber, Formula 4 creates a water-repellent new appearance, helps prevent tire weather cracking and increases soil resistance
Restores factory finish to touring bike instrument panel/dash and top facing panels
True conditioner – restores natural oils to vinyl, leather, and rubber, leaving renewed luster
Contains no silicones – no slipperiness, greasiness, or film residue
Made in the U.S.A.


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