Formula 2 Cycle Bike Wash Concentrate


Formula 2 Bike Wash – 1 U.S. gal.

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Formula 2 Bike Wash – 1 U.S. gal.
Cycle Care® Formula 2 is a concentrated gentle shampoo formulated to clean and extend the life of Cycle Care Formula 3, Windshield, Paint and Chrome Polish (available separately)
Formulated to perform as a wetting agent and will soften road grime and soil to prevent abrasion from wash mitt or cloth; will not strip wax or polish
Bucket wash; rinse does not require high-pressure (agitation required in extremely neglected situations)
Given normal drying conditions (sunlight, good breeze or leaf blower provides virtually spot-free results)
This product does not contain alkalis, acids or abrasives
Made in the U.S.A.


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