VT-i Electronic Ignition System


SKU: 2101-0267


V-Twin Electronic Ignition System – Harley Davidson
Dual-fire electronic ignition system features fully encapsulated construction
Includes special trigger rotor for use with traditional mechanical advance mechanism
Precise digitally set rpm limiter (200 rpm steps from 5200 to 7000 rpm)
Status LED for easy static timing
Electronic dwell control for maximum ignition energy at high rpm and reduced current draw at low rpm
Compatible with most OE and aftermarket dual-fire ignition coils
Hall effect sensor detects teeth on trigger rotor and provides stable spark timing
Operates down to below 6 volts
Easy installation; two wire hookup to coil
Waterproof and highly resistant to vibration and shock
Over-temperature protection; rated to operate at 260°F (125°C)
Not for fuel-injected models.


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