Abandoned Vehicles

Amphibious Powersports LLP Abandoned Vehicles Policy

Policy Overview:

  • Abandonment Date: A vehicle is considered abandoned if not picked up within two weeks after service completion. Customer contact will be attempted.
  • Storage Fees: $20 per day, commencing from the abandonment date.

Title 42 Process:

  • Initiation: The Title 42 process begins upon vehicle abandonment.
  • Notifications: Required notices will be sent, including a Notice of Possessory Lien (Form 752-D), following statutory requirements.
  • Public Sale: If unresolved, the vehicle may be sold through a public sale process as outlined in Title 42.
  • Documentation: All necessary forms and legal steps, as per Title 42, will be diligently followed.

Customer Communication:

  • Customers will be informed of this policy at the time of service and through reminders.

Legal Compliance:

  • All procedures comply with Title 42 of the Oklahoma Statutes for possessory liens.
  • Amphibious Powersports LLP will maintain accurate records and adhere to all legal timelines and requirements.