Watercraft Purchase Warranty Details

Warranty ensures there are no defects in OEM or aftermarket manufacturing. It is your responsibility to follow OEM recommended operating and maintenance procedures. Failure to properly care for machine will void the warranty.


All of our watercraft our tested thoroughly before listing, it is normal for watercraft to take on some water through normal operation, however if there is water entering through a cavity not designed to pass water existing at time of purchase, repair will be covered free of charge. However if the cavity was opened after purchase, Amphibious Powersports is not responsible for the repair, and/or cost will fall onto customer. Hull conditions are documented before each sale for use in determining time of leak occurence.

Mechanical Parts:

There are many moving parts inside of a watercraft, engine, jet pump, etc.. Amphibious Powersports inspects all watercraft for any irregular or dysfunctional wear on parts and repairs as necessary prior to sale. Any parts found to be dysfunctional due to improper manufacturing, remanufacturing, or repair (by Amphibious Powersports or OEM) will be repaired free of charge. Due to the nature of mechanical systems, any repair completed by customer (Unless explicitly authorized by Amphibious Powersports), will void this warranty. Any failure of parts deemed by Amphibious Powersports to be caused by failure to complete recommended maintenance items or abusive operation will not be covered under this warranty and cost/repair will fall onto customer.