Powersports Mechanic Internship

Amphibious Powersports currently has an opening for an intern looking to gain insight to real world application of a professional mechanic.
Alongside our vehicle servicing department we manufacture powersports vehicle parts in house and do our own custom builds. You will work alongside professional mechanics with years of experience, and gain insightful knowledge of the theories in principles being applied in the technology you work with.

This internship may be paid or unpaid depending on your experience and situation (all military skillbridge program applicants are unpaid only).


  • Experience In a Technical Position
  • Understanding of Internal Combustion Engines
  • Understanding of Motorcycle/ATV Components (IE Steering, Suspension, etc..)
  • Understanding of Electrical Circuits

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience in Engine Assembly
  • Automotive or Motorcycle Industry Certification


  • Work Alongside Mechanics and assist with mechanical service and custom build work.
  • Suggest modifications to existing designs to and create custom solutions for customer needs.
  • Self Lead on small jobs such as lubrication and tire service
  • Learn Practical Knowledge by assisting with disassembling and reassembling engines.

Apply Below;


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