Customer equipment intake, service, and out-processing.

  • The service tech will create a ticket for any vehicle or component that enters shop using the ticketing system if not already created.
  • Minimum Required Information to collect will be customer name, phone number, vehicle year, make, model & V.I.N./H.I.N, service that is requested, and any information given by customer that could assist in Diagnosis (if applicable).
  • If customer does not know what needs to be done to repair an issue, we will first perform a tool-less inspection/consultation with customer and vehicle, to completely diagnose an issue the vehicle may need to be brought into shop for further testing.
  • Inspection summary will be annotated in ticketing system.
  • All diagnosis, specification measurements, and defective parts must be annotated via ticketing system.
  • Time spent performing a service to equipment will be logged via ticketing system.
  • All service work done will be annotated and updated via ticketing system.
  • All service work will be inspected by inspector before customer pickup.
  • Any service work to land vehicles in which failure could cause injury or death will be road/trail tested before customer pickup.
  • All removed parts will be held in house for at least one week after customer pickup.
  • Before service work is complete, ensure all service items have been satisfied via quote/invoice.
  • Any and all accidents regarding customer equipment must be reported to management and the event notated in the ticketing system.
  • F.I.F.O. First In First Out. The oldest ticket with parts available in the system has priority- with respect to below exception;
  • For smaller services i.e. oil changes and tire swaps, or simple preventative maintenances, service technician is obligated to communicate with service writer to determine deadline as these often take priority over larger repairs.

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