Gen2 Intellilever™ Shroud


Lever Shroud – LV-122-153 – Black

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Lever Shroud – LV-122-153 – LV-133-153 – Black
Rubber shroud for Gen2 Intellilever™ levers


2019KTM300 XC-W TPI
2019KTM250 XC-W TPI
2018KTM300 EXC TPI
2018KTM250 EXC TPI
2018KTM300 EXC TPI Six Days
2018KTM300 XC-W Six Days
2018KTM500 EXC-F Six Days
2017-2019KTM125 XC-W
2017-2019KTM250 EXC-F Six Days
2017-2019KTM150 XC-W
2017-2018KTM450 EXC-F Six Days
2017-2018KTM350 EXC-F Six Days
2017-2018KTM250 EXC Six Days
2017HusqvarnaFX 350
2017HusqvarnaTE 150
2017HusqvarnaTX 125
2017HusqvarnaFX 450
2017HusqvarnaTX 300
2015-2018KTM450 EXC-F
2014-2019HusqvarnaFC 250
2014-2019HusqvarnaFC 450
2014-2019HusqvarnaTC 125
2014-2019HusqvarnaTC 250
2014-2017HusqvarnaFC 350
2014-2017HusqvarnaTE 300
2014-2017HusqvarnaFE 501
2014-2017HusqvarnaFE 250
2014-2017HusqvarnaTE 250
2014-2017HusqvarnaFE 350
2014-2017HusqvarnaFE 450
2014-2016HusqvarnaTE 125
2014-2016HusqvarnaFE 501 S
2014-2015HusqvarnaFE 350 S
2013-2016KTM350 XCF-W
2013-2015KTM500 EXC
2013, 2016KTM500 XC-W
2012-2019KTM350 EXC-F
2012-2018KTM350 XC-F
2012-2015, 2019KTM500 EXC-F
2012-2015KTM500 SC-W
2010-2019KTM350 SX-F
2010-2011KTM450 XC-W Six Days
2010KTM450 XC-W Champions Edition
2009-2019KTM150 SX
2009-2015KTM150 XC
2009-2015KTM450 XC-W
2009-2013, 2016KTM250 XCF-W
2009-2011KTM530 XC-W
2008-2019KTM450 XC-F
2008-2012KTM450 EXC
2008-2011KTM530 EXC
2008-2009KTM505 XC-F
2008-2009KTM505 SX-F
2007-2019KTM450 SX-F
2007-2015KTM250 XCF-W 4-Stroke
2007-2011, 2014-2019KTM250 EXC-F
2006-2019KTM125 SX
2006-2019KTM250 SX-F
2006-2018KTM250 XC-W
2005-2019KTM250 XC
2005-2016, 2018KTM300 XC
2005-2016, 2018KTM300 XC-W
2005-2012, 2014-2016, 2019KTM250 XC-F
2005-2011, 2014-2018KTM250 EXC
2005-2008, 2014-2017KTM300 EXC
2004-2019KTM250 SX
2004-2016KTM200 XC-W
2004-2011, 2014-2016KTM200 XC
2004-2011, 2014-2016KTM125 EXC
2004-2011, 2014-2016KTM200 EXC

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