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ProX Racing Parts high quality carburetor rebuild kits are the easy solution to rebuilding your carburetor. If your carburetor is leaking, or the fuel distribution are disturbed, ProX offers a kit with all components you need. The rubber O-rings are made of NBR rubber material with excellent resistance to the ethanol used in today’s fuels. Carburetors which are standard equipped with paper float bowl gaskets are upgraded to high performance Interfaceâ„¢ gasket material. It’s simple: ProX Racing Parts carburetor rebuild kit include all of the necessary components to repair a carburetor, including float bowl and cap hardware

    Kits contain:

  • All O-rings
  • Gaskets
  • OEM size jets (standard jet sizing for your bike or ATV)
  • Needle
  • Mixture screw
  • Float bowl screws
  • Float valve needle + seat (where applicable)


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Weight0.1188 lbs
Dimensions5.5 × 3.5 × 0.75 in


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