VERTEX Seadoo 720 Top End Gasket Set


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TS sets contain high performance head and base gaskets

All Winderosa head gaskets are computer designed and race proven to provide reliability

Part Number: 610204


2002-2004Sea DooGTI 720 LE
2002Sea DooSportster LT w/720 x 2
1999Sea Doo720 Dual Engine Speedster 1800
1998-2001Sea DooChallenger w/720 x 2
1997-1998, 2002Sea DooExplorer 720
1996-2004Sea DooGTI 720
1996-2004Sea DooGS 720
1996-2004Sea DooGTi 720 (Regular Seat)
1996-2004Sea DooGTi 720 (Touring Seat)
1996-2004Sea DooGSi 720
1996-2000Sea DooSpeedster SK w/720 x 2
1996-2000Sea DooSportster 1800 w/720 x 2
1996-1999Sea DooSpeedster w/720 x 2
1995-2000Sea DooSportster 720
1994-2004Sea DooGTS 720
1994-2004Sea DooXP 720
1994-2004Sea DooHX 720
1994-2001Sea DooSP 720
1994-2001Sea DooSPX 720

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